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Is the second month of the Islamic calendar

About the month of SAfAR:

This time of the year was considered to be cursed as many catastrophes and calamities took place. However this belief has been proven to be false and totally without foundation (absurd).
This can also be confirmed by the following hadeeth.
Hadhrat Jaabir (R.A.) has said that, "I have heard the Prophet saying, the descending of illness and evil superstition
befalling in the month ofSafar is untrue." (Muslim)

Events Of SAfAR:-
1) The Battle of Abwaa took place on 12th Safar in the year2 A.H.
2) The Battle of Khaibar took place in the year 7 A.
Matrimonies in SAfAR:
Hadhrat Ali (RA) married Hazrat Fatima (RA), (the daughter of the
Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) in the latter days of Safar 2 AH
Deaths in SAfAR:-
Khubaib Ibn Adey(R.A.)was martyred in this month in the year
4A.H. in the Holy city of Makkah.
Zaid Ibn Dathina (RA) was martyred in this month in the year
4A.H. in the Holy city of Makkah.


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